What if you could communicate your driving style preferences to a self driving car through your arm rest?

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This project started with a material research simultaneously with a user co-creation session method. CUE is made when I attended the shape changing interfaces squad of the TU/e industrial design faculty for one semester.



Figure 10  018

CUE is the mediator between a fully autonomous Car, its User and the Environment. It utilises shape change in order to inform the user on the driving behaviour, and allows one to influence this behaviour by altering the surface. Thereby, CUE creates a symbiosis of the programmed behaviour of the car, the restrictions of the environment, and the wishes of the user.

Figure 6 - CEU Framework

Through movement, CUE shows the cars demeanor.
The surface moves in a wavelike flow; a quick flow in the driving direction represents aggressive behaviour: quick acceleration and speed in corners. The slower the movement, the calmer the behaviour of the car. Light, originating from underneath the surface, informs the user on the state of the system. When the light is coloured white, CUE is informing the user on the demeanour of the car. When the user wants to interact with the system, he places his hand on top in order to connect with the system. The light then colours blue to show that the system is now in a submissive state. At this point, the user can show his preferences by enhancing the moving flow, the user can show that he wants the car to be more aggressive. By moving against the wave, the flow will be slowed down, calming the cars demeanour.


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