[Elective] ProxiCare

The Alzheimer market is growing fast. With over 30 million Alzheimer patients worldwide which will be doubled in the upcoming years [1], this is a market to invest in. Due to the cuts in costs by the government, care homes employ less and less caregivers which lowers the quality of the care. With AmbiLife we want to transform life experiences and improve the quality of life. With our premium wellbeing service ProxiCare, we focus on Alzheimer patients who, due to the cuts in costs in the healthcare, are locked behind department doors because there is no extra caregiver that is available to go for example, to a garden. With ProxiCare, which is a service that consists out of phone application, LFR nodes spread strategically throughout a building and wearables that are worn by the patients, we give back the freedom to the residents of a care home and to improve the quality of the care. ProxiCare facilitates the Alzheimer patients in a care home with an open living environment, by providing the caregivers with a service which helps them to keep an overview of the location and situation of their patients.

AmbiLife is a spin-off of Imec, a world-leading nano-electronics research center. The global network of Imec enables us to quickly upscale AmbiLife’s service in order to systematically and disruptively penetrate the healthcare market and serve clients all over the world with ProxiCare.

[1] Alzheimer Nederland (2016, January 28). ‘Cijfers en feiten over dementie’. Retrieved from https://www.alzheimer-nederland.nl/sites/def ault/ les/directupload/factsheet-dementie-algemeen.pdf


  • Rincke Driessen
  • Daan Matthijsse
  • Juan Restrepo